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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of common queries to provide quick and helpful answers.

Product and Warranty Information

Here is important information about product functionality and the comprehensive warranty coverage we offer.
The kit includes the FOVS PLAY device and a type USB-C charging cable (located below the soft sponge that holds the device).
As the device is equipped with fast charge, the device will normally be fully charged in 15-25 minutes (running red LED lights will turn off after being fully charged).
No. All devices are currently not waterproof.
Our general warranty is 1 year against manufacturing defects and problems.
During the manufacturing process, there are lots of variables that might affect the final colour of the liquid. Therefore, if the pods are not leaking and/or not working, the pods are not eligible for an exchange.
The shelf life of the pods is 1 year only when it is stored correctly and unopened. We recommend finishing the product 15 days after opening for optimum taste and satisfaction.
Yes. The buyer would need to pay for the shipping of the faulty product back to us. However, we will ship the replacement back to the buyer free of charge.
First of all, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and trouble brought to you. If you want to replace the product, we recommend that you:
a) Prepare clear pictures or videos which can fully prove the damage of the product.
b) Send your specific problems, pictures or videos along with your order number to our customer care team hotline via WhatsApp.
c) After being received by our customer service, we will solve your problem as soon as possible
Thank you very much for your support of FOVS. Only products purchased from our official website can enjoy the relevant after-sales services. The products purchased from other channels do not enjoy the same after-sale mechanism as that of the official website, for details, please refer to We can still assist on warranty claims if the products are an authentic FOVS product.

Shipping & Receiving

Here are fast, comprehensive answers to common questions related to the shipping and receiving process.
Your products will be shipped from the FOVS domestic warehouse located in Kuala Lumpur.
For west Malaysia regions: you will receive your order within 5 to 7 working days (national holidays excluded).
For East Malaysia regions: you will receive your order around 12 working days (national holidays excluded).
Currently we ship all packages through local courier service such as Best Express and/or J&T. We may change our courier service at any time without prior information. If you have any special requirements, please contact our customer service.
We are unable to change the shipping address once the order is shipped. Before the order is shipped, you can contact our official customer service phone number or send us an email to change your address.
You may logon onto your profile and get the tracking number and track the package on its logistic website or a general one like
If the logistics status is not updated for more than 7 working days, please contact our customer service hotline as there maybe issue with the system or logistic services .
In addition to the outer packaging, our products are additionally equipped with an internal protective film. If the package is damaged, open it to see if the product is damaged. If it is not damaged, you can still use it. If the product is damaged, please contact our customer service by contacting our customer service hotline OR sending an email to within 48 hours after receiving the product.

Payment & Safety

We’ve compiled answers to common questions to guide you through the payment process and our refund policy.
Currently we support FPX transfer, Credit Card and certain E-Wallets payment. Payments accepted are solely based on our payment processor and may change at any time without prior notice.
This situation is very rare, however you may contact our customer service hotline to verify the payment. If the payment is verified, we will amend the order status manually.
We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the original account if we detect one of the following violations before the goods are shipped out or signed for:
1) Ordered products exceed the purchase limit with the same account.
2) A single account does not violate the purchase restriction, but an individual is determined (through payment account, delivery address, IP address, contact number, or other methods) to be linked to numerous accounts which cumulatively violate the purchase restriction.
3) FOVS receives notification from our payment processor that the transaction was somehow fraudulent.
4) FOVS determines that the purchase was made through improper means or finds evidence that order was not made legally.
Please be assured that we will not collect or store any of your payment information. As all payment processes are handled directly by our designated payment processor approved by Malaysia Banking Authority, we do not have access to your personal payment information.
All refunds will be processed and returned to your account within 15-30 working days. We apologise in advance as we are not able to speed up the refund process as we are also dependent on the payment processors’ policy and guideline. The specific time will vary depending on the payment method.
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