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Warranty and Refund

ProductItemWarranty Period
PlayVape Device12 months from the date of original retail purchase
 Pods12 months from the date of original retail purchase

Invalid Claims

FOVS product warranty covers only those claims arising from damage sustained despite normal and safe use, and does not cover:

a. Any malfunction or damage not resulting from workmanship.

b. Damage resulting from general neglect, or unsafe use or misuse, whether cognizant or accidental.

c. Damage resulting from natural causes including but not limited to lightning, flood, or other natural disasters.

d. Theft or loss of the products.

e. Damage caused by operating the device outside the permitted or intended use, or damage caused due to the negligence of instructions issued by FOVS.

f. Claims for non-defective products.

g. Pod contains less than 50%.

Procedure for Filing Warranty Claim

a. Valid claims can be filed by emailing the FOVS customer care team at customer service hotline or

b. All warranty claims must be supported with proof of purchase, failing which the entire claim will be voided.

c. FOVS reserves the right to request additional details about the relevant device or product, including photos and videos.

d. FOVS reserves the right to initiate device repair procedures to restore function before approving a product exchange or refund.

e. FOVS will replace a product at no charge if a valid claim under this limited warranty is received within the warranty period.

FOVS Refund Policy

FOVS designs next-generation cigarette alternatives and smoking experiences keeping its customers in mind. No-hassle 60-day refund is available to items which were bought from online website and were eligible for the following Terms.


FOVS accepts all refund claims based on product quality issues.

The FOVS refund policy is applicable only on purchases made directly on the main FOVS website.

The refund policy is active and valid only within the first 60 days from the date the order is dispatched.

Refunds for devices purchased through an authorised FOVS retailer must be obtained from the authorised retailer and will be subject to the retailer’s own refund policy.

Valid claims can be filed by emailing the FOVS customer care team at, or by sending in a request for a refund via 

*Please visit for the list of authorised FOVS retailers, updated regularly.

**This Limited Warranty is NOT transferable to subsequent purchases.
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